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About Us

The formation of the Industrial Management Institute dates back to 1951 when the concept of an avant-garde organization ​focusing on the development of management potentials in Iran was incepted. Ten years later, in 1962, the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) was founded. The objectives of IMI were to develop management capacity and facilitate change and improvement in Iran's industrial and service sectors.


Comprehensiveness, Integration, Customization


Comprehensiveness, integration, and customization are the factors that, to this day, differentiate IMI's services. IMI offers its integrated services in the management consulting, education, research and publication areas. Since its inception, IMI has taken on a variety of challenges in an ever-widening r​ange of fields and contexts. Armed with a world-class professional cadre of over 60 resident consultants and a vast network of management professionals, IMI's experience spans over 3,000 consulting & research projects and the training of over 200,000 Iranian top executives, general managers, and functional experts during the past five decades.


Systemic solutions lies at the core of IMI's approach to the development of any organized effort, be it a family, a community, a corporation or a national policy formulation. 

An innovation​-based methodology ch​aracte​rizes IMI's overarching framework in defining problems and designing solutions. It is designed to help clients achieve lasting and order-of-magnitude improvements in their strategies, structures, and operations. The methodology is systemic and expansive in a sense that no problem can be defined without defining the context in which it is embedded and the interrelated system of problems.


Knowledge Workers, Industry Leaders, Consultants together form a trans-disciplinary cross-skilled platform to closely partner in charting out the critical interfaces between the state-of-the-art knowledge and emerging management challenges. Thus the meeting ground synthesizes and operationalizes a constant stream of new knowledge in response to the pressing and emerging needs of management.


                                   ​Local Presence, Global Partnership


IMI is a ground-breaking organization that supports the nation's management potential and draws upon world-class partners as a premiere firm in the MENA region.

IMI offers management consulting, education, and re​search services to national and regional firms, aiming at assisting the sustained growth and development of the economy and economic subsystems. We support our clients in all public, private, and non-profit sectors so that they can discover and realize their business potentials and identify their main challenges. Our objective is to help develo​p management capacity in firms, nationwide and beyond.

IMI has representation in 27 cities throughout Iran. IMI's branches are privately owned firms that offer their services under the license of IMI's headquarters. Offices are in Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Yazd, among others.​

IMI has also undertaken a variety of management consulting and education projects in conjunction with international partners, namely:


  •     Ferguson Consulting Company
  •     INTERACT: Consulting Firm
  •     Roland Berger Consulting
  •     UNIDO
  •     UNDP
  •     Asian Productivity Organization
  •     Fondation National de Gestion, France
  •     Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME)
  •     Institute of Quality Assurance (U.K)
  •     N.C.C - U.K
  •     Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany)
  •     IDB (Islamic Development Bank)
  •     Bordeaux University
  •     Nice University
  •     Lulea & Uppsala Universities


We intend to make optimal use of our human resources, financial capital, structural dexterity, and professional ethics. With this aim we seek to partner with established national and international partners to help our clients develop their potentials. We plan on expanding our business scope to deliver services to the health, housing, municipal, transportation, energy, and agricultural industries. We constantly review our service quality in order to best reinvent ourselves continuously.  


                   Interested in partnership?​