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​​The ever-changing business environment has increased the range, depth, and complexity of management consulting services. Industrial and service organizations operating in public, private, and not-profit sectors form IMI's consulting client base.

Strategy, Structure, Function, Process

IMI's intervention and re-design activities cover strategy and structure as well as functions and processes. Our portfolio of over 3000 consulting projects allows us to perform as a main consulting firm in national projects while drawing upon the services of a professional network of experts in- and outside of Iran.


Cross-functional consulting a​reas:

  • Interactive Planning and Idealized Design
  • Strategy and Structure
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Knowledge Management
  • Productivity Circles
  • Total Quality Management
  • Re-engineering
  • Benchmarking
  • Critical Success Factors Identification
  • Effectiveness Evaluation on the Basis of the DEA Method


 Functional consulting a​reas:                                                     

  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Financial Management
  • Industrial and Production Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Structure
  • Management Standards


IMI's consulting department administers a number of specialized activities:


The Ranking and Accreditation Center (IMI-100 ranking)

The Ranking and Accreditation Center includes the IMI-100 ranking of top Iranian companies. Since 1998, the IMI-100 ranking seeks the transparency of Iran's business environment and encouragement of competition by ranking the performance of top Iranian firms based on their financial statements. Over the past years the number of evaluation criteria has risen to 26 and the number of firms has increased to 500. The information of these firms is classified in 23 industrial groups.

The rating of EPC firms was initiated since 2011. A large number of EPC firms took part in the rating and succeeded in being approved and accredited, qualifying for receiving financial assistance and loans.


The Assessment and Development Center (IMI-ADC)

The Assessment and Development Center was formed to assist in the development of the country's management in the field of human resource management.

The Center seeks to realize meritocracy in the development of managers and key staff of organizations.

IMI-ADC offers a variety of evaluation and development services in conjunction with other human resource development tools to organizations and individuals alike. In this context, IMI-ADC cooperates with authoritative Iranian and non-Iranian institutions. Based on continuous research and development the center recruits, trains and evaluates evaluators, develops indigenous evaluation models, fosters work standards, and produces integrated software and databases.

The Consulting Network and Clinical Services Center

With a view to forge network contact among experts, this center is the first professional social network in the field of management consulting. The social network's expertise can further be channeled towards offering clinical consulting services. In the consulting clinics, the clients put their managerial problems and dilemmas in consultation with experts in order to receive specific solutions to their challenges.


The Center for the Study of Productivity and Human Resources

With the focus on organizational excellence, productivity, and operational benchmarking, this center runs assessment on the performance evaluation of holding companies, human resource strategies, design and implementation of evaluation programs for employment, and leadership development programs. It also assists companies in the implementation of the EFQM model, productivity management in organizations, and the implementation of management monitoring.