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Developing Leaders & Operational Man​agers

​​IMI's mission in the education area is to develop leaders, operational managers, and specialists. To this end IMI offers diverse and in-depth management development programs to serve the executive and managerial needs of industrial and service companies in both public and private sectors.


Integrated Programs:

The integrated programs are designed to offer a well-rounded management perspective to senior and executive management, operational managers and technical specialist, giving insights into the variety of business issues that managers confront ranging from technological considerations to financial issues.

  • Commercial Management – Associate Degree
  • Commercial Management – Bachelor's Degree
  • Accounting – Bachelor's Degree
  • Accounting – Master's Degree
  • Master in Socio-economic Systems 
  • MBA – Strategic Marketing
  • MBA – Capital Market
  • MBA – Banking Management
  • MBA – Financial Management
  • MBA – Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • MBA – Human Resources Management
  • MBA – Industrial Engineering Management
  • MBA – Intelligent Business & Transforming Management
  • MBA – Project Management
  • MBA – Business Administration
  • Construction MBA​
  • Post MBA in Project Management
  • Post-MBA in Business Intelligence
  • Post-MBA in Management Consulting
  • EMBA – Service-Oriented Organizations Management
  • EMBA – Executive Management
  • DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration​
  • Post-DBA


 Functional Courses:

Functional courses are designed to provide managers, supervisors, and experts with specialized tools and competencies, concentrating on participants' in-depth grasp of such functional issues as marketing, accounting, computer, and software programs.

Functional programs enable functional managers and specialists with methodologies and solutions that help dissolve their structural conflicts with other parts of their organization in order to collectively achieve maximum alignment and synergy along the value chain.


Professional Programs:​

Professional programs are customized programs designed to help participating companies develop a shared vision of a desired future that will serve as a platform on which systems integration will be achieved. These programs teach managers how to harness new and strategic sets of skills that are vitally important to compete in a global business environment, creating organizational viability by adding value to those areas that will provide comparative advantage.